Our Products
  1. Luxury Laptop/Tablet Stand
    Luxury Laptop/Tablet Stand
    Tooba-Z's sturdy cooling laptop stand is ergonomically designed for greater comfort! Comfortable Viewing Height. Good heat dissipation. Positions Laptop keyboard and track pad to a comfortable 18-degree typing angle to bring you most wonderful typing experience.
  2.  Hand Mixer/Egg Beater
    Hand Mixer/Egg Beater
    There are no loops on this unique whisk, which looks more like a retro lighting fixture than a kitchen tool. Instead, it consists of a series of individual wires which starburst out from a handle and each has a ball bearing on the end.
  3. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
    Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
    Heat transfer vinyl (i.e. T-shirt vinyl, Iron-on vinyl) comes with a heat activated adhesive on one side. The other side (which will be the exposed side upon application has a clear carrier sheet that provides a way to keep everything intact until application.